vintage and modern scooters
Whether you are interested in scooters because you would like to get some great gas mileage, over 80+ MPG, or you are just looking to spice up the boring commute to work, a motor scooter is a great idea! There is scooter in just about every style you can imagine, including three wheel scooters, and scooters with side cars. It is becoming increasingly popular to buy a vintage scooter that has been completely restored. They look great and are highly collectible. This is a great page to find either a new modern style or vintage scooter to buy.
Buying Tip ► Make sure your scooter is shipped from the USA and along with the receipt, be sure it comes with all paperwork including owner’s manuals and most importantly, a title.

Classic Scooters from 1945 to 1970The Scooter Bible

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